Psychological Practice Dr. phil. Beate Kilian
Systemic Therapy, Hypnosis, Structural Constellations, Coaching

Psychological Practice Dr. phil. Beate Kilian
Systemic Therapy, Hypnosis, Structural Constellations, Coaching

Integrative Learning therapy

Attentional problems, reading and writing disorders (dyslexia) and other learning difficulties are multifaceted and complex and can take on very different forms of expression. Often, they are accompanied by additional psychological problems. On the one hand for instance, emotional or familial problems may lead to concentration difficulties. On the other hand, difficulties with reading or writing may give rise to school anxiety or learning blockages. An effective treatment therefore requires a differentiated and individual approach. I offer integrative and focussed assistance for children, adolescents and adults with learning difficulties of all kinds, and if necessary in combination with psychotherapy. Dependent on your concern and situation, this could be in the form of a specific coaching or regular therapeutic support. 

Learning therapy often aims at

  • secure and fluent reading skills
  • secure mastery of spelling rules
  • enhancement of concentration abilities
  • enhancement of mnestic abilities
  • efficient and effective self-organisation
  • balance between concentration and relaxation
  • enhancement of self-esteem 
  • reduction of anxiety regarding school, learning or exams 
  • improvement of oral and written expression 
  • enhancement of visual and auditory perception 
  • better eye movement control to increase the speed and accuracy of reading
  • improvement of hand-writing

On the basis of a comprehensive initial interview, I combine a variety of methods dependent on your concern including

  • specific, scientifically grounded learning programmes to improve reading and writing skills
  • concentration training
  • relaxation techniques
  • development of individual learning strategies 
  • coaching regarding self-organisation and self-management 
  • systemic and hypnotherapeutic methods to cope with emotional difficulties, e.g. anxiety, learning blockages, low self-esteem, psychosomatic complaints, aggressive behaviour or social withdrawal
  • training of precursor abilities for reading and writing
  • exercises to increase perceptual organisation
  • exercises to improve fine, visual and motor control 
  • computer-based training programme to improve saccadic eye movement control and visual fixation
  • specific training to foster bilateral brain stimulation

Please feel free to contact me, I am happy to answer your questions regarding the way I work via phone or email.